Welcome, 2016!!

December came and went so quickly for me.  I still cannot believe it is January 1, 2016 right now.
How did we get here so fast?!
Between wrapping up this half of the school year, enjoying a long weekend in Disney, visiting all my friends and family in Jersey for Christmas and NYE, and now getting settled back into my apartment, so much has gone on in such a small amount of time!
With a new year comes new personal and professional goals, but it can be so hard to stick with them.  Life gets in the way, we become busy and overloaded- the very same reasons we created these lofty goals become the reasons we leave them behind.
So, how can we be goal oriented, without being outrageous and setting ourselves up for failure??
Here are some tips & tricks I’m using daily to keep myself on track in this new year.  It might not be easy but I know for a fact it is manageable.
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First, on a personal side, I want to align healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle with budgeting and creating a larger savings account.  If I consistently tell myself these things go hand-in-hand, i.e. not thinking that spending a little more money on organic items is going to hinder my ability to save $$, the transition of merging them is that much easier.  Cutting back on some of my going out will help me achieve both goals- & notice how I’m saying cutting back, not cutting out.  It’s not about eliminating, it’s about moderating
Second, I want to remain a strong teacher, and work on two particular aspects of my instruction.  If I focus on just these two things for the rest of the year, I know I will be able to take myself up a notch without stressing myself out, or feeling like the goal is unattainable.  Ive been collecting different ways to integrate these changes slowly, & I have every confidence I can do it in a solid manner.
Third, I want to elevate this Love. Life. Beauty. to a second job, rather than just an awesome “hobby” type of job.  I know what I’m capable of, and it is much more than just posting once or twice a week.  I’ve gotten lazy with Love. Life. Beauty. because teaching takes control of almost everything, but I’m determined to make a change with that this year.  I mean seriously, there are 168 hours in a week.  Take away sleeping time that gives me 119 hours a week to accomplish whatever I want to accomplish. 
So, what’s my plan for keeping myself accountable for this great sounding stuff? 

+ My Punctuate by Barnes & Noble 2016 Planner
Last year I used an Erin Condren, and while I did love it, I always found I didn’t have enough space to write.  I used to always use the Punctuate Planners in college, and I’m bringing it back for this year.  We’ll see how it goes!
+MyFitnessPal App 
To track what I’m eating and how much I’m exercising.  The goals I’m setting within the app are realistic and honestly not too difficult.  Having alerts set and a visual for how I’m doing each day is a great way for me to see progress and have little reminders for when I’m getting off track.

+Banking Text Alerts
On both my debit card (USAA) and credit card (Discover) I have text alerts so I can know when my balance is over a certain number, when deposits are posted, and when bills are due.  Honestly, I’ve been using this texting alert system for a while, but I don’t always pay attention to it the way I should.  This time, I’m making it a priority.
+Teacher planning time v. Blog planning time
I’m setting aside a certain number of works each weekend for both & I cannot teacher plan if it’s during blog plan time and vice-versa.  Having these times already written down in my planner, and underneath what I need to accomplish during those blocked out times, should help a lot! 
+Blogging Calendar
I want to create an awesome consistent calendar for series postings.  Having that direction of what I’m writing about, and when I’m writing about it, will help dictate my blocked out blog planning sessions, and make the writing piece easier each week.  I’ll have a skeleton for what’s going on, which really helps me focus my direction and time management when it comes to creating content.  I have a May Designs blank weekly planner I’ll be using.
PS: If you’ve never shopped at May Designs before, sign up for their emails & receive 15% off your purchase!
+Beauty Product Purging
I have so many products in my beauty closet, and I can write about every single one of them.  I’m trying to come up with a system where I can make a huge dent in my beauty closet, and from that dent, create some quality content for Love. Life. Beauty.
I haven’t figured everything out yet, but I do know I am well on my way! 
What are some of your personal & professional goals for the New Year??

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