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I’m mildly obsessed with Jaclyn Hill, I find her down to earth, funny, gorgeous, and overall just a real woman who has created her passion into a mini empire of sorts.  I was watching her newest video, The Fall Favorites Tag, and realized that I’ve never done any sort of tag here on Love. Life. Beauty. before.  So, in an effort to become more one-on-one and personal with you lovely readers, I figured I’d give it a try!

Favorite Candle?

Oh gosh, this is so hard because all of the fall scents from Bath and Body Works are seriously my favorite.  BUT, if I had to choose one, I’d def go with Leaves.  It’s such a classic fall scent, it’s warm and cozy and makes you feel like you’re surrounded by incredible fall foliage all right in your living room.  Sounds pretty perfect, right?!

Favorite Lip Color?

Recently I’ve been obsessed with a few Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencils I purchased after the holidays last year.  My favorite color right now for the fall is Tannin, a deep poppy red.  I usually don’t go for reds, but I love the way this looks on me.  It’s the boldest I’ve ever gone for a lip, the dark red color screams a chilly October night to me.

Favorite Drink?
Hmmm, favorite fall drinks…I have a few depending on the time of day of course.  Like the rest of the country I’m on the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte bandwagon, I usually get mine with soy milk for a richer flavor.  I must admit I haven’t had one yet because it’s still too warm here in D.C. for one.  I also love making fall sangria on the weekend for Sunday Football.  I use a white base and fill it with all sorts of fresh fall fruit and top it with brandy and a few cinnamon sticks.

Favorite Blush?
Currently my favorite fall blush is Benefit’s Rockateur Blush Box O’ Powder.  It’s warm, perfect for a range of skin tones, and in my opinion is perfect for the change of seasons.  I’ll be posting a review of it tomorrow, so stay tuned!! 

Favorite Clothing Item?
During the fall I need to go with an oversize sweater, leggings, and tall boots.  Can someone say #basic??  I know, I know, this is everyone’s go to fall outfit.  Howeverrrrr, I like to think my large variety of Anthropologie sweaters sets me off from the mainstream a bit?  I just added a pair of Frye books to my collection as well a couple of months ago, so I’m really looking forward to wearing those out and about!

Favorite Fall Movie?
This is weird because I’m not a huge movie person!  I honestly don’t know what my favorite would be!  I’m much more into TV series than I am movies so I always make those my priority.  If I had to choose a movie it would be a classic horror film around Halloween time, like The Shining.

Favorite Fall TV Show?
This is my jam.  I have about a million favorite TV shows.  I’m so crazy excited for the return of Empire, Law & Order SVU, Modern Family, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Criminal Minds, and Sharktank.  Alsoooo, I cannot wait to watch the new Muppets series.  So, clearly I have no life and just sit around at night and watch too much TV, but I’m also lesson planning and grading math work during this time, so I’m not 100% unproductive and useless while watching all of these shows!!

Favorite Thanksgiving Food?
When it comes to food I can never choose just one thing, you’ve got to be kidding me.  I love making my now-famous garlic mashed potatoes.  They’re the real deal with cream-cheese, Parm, and loads of fresh garlic.  I’m also crazy about my aunt’s homemade sourdough stuffing.

Favorite Halloween Costume?
Hmmm, I need to take a second or two to think about this one.  I love classic costumes with a twist, like ladybugs, butterflies, etc.  I also really love current pop culture references in Halloween costumes.  I’m sure there will be a ton of Donald Trumps and Kylie Jenner’s running around this Halloween.  The more creative the better!


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