Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  I’ll be cleaning up the apartment today, and getting started on totally purging and reorganizing my closet.  I really want to consign a lot of clothing I have before the new school year starts.  My hope is to have all my work clothes way more organized than they already are so it’s even easier to just grab an outfit in the morning and keep it moving.  I also have this big plan to hang most of my handbags on the wall in my closet to free up more space, we’ll see how that works out.  Perhaps I’ll do a post on it all?

I’m getting my hair trimmed and colored tomorrow, thank gawd, it’s in major need of a tiny trim.  On Sunday I’m looking forward to brunching at Central by Michael Richard in downtown D.C. 
Have a fabulous weekend!! 
PS: I feel like I totally need this Zulily tank!
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