Protect Your Locks: Aveda Sun Care Protection Hair Veil

I have black hair and teal-ish/ green highlights.  My real hair color is light brown.
Bottom line is…I need to protect my hair color all of the time.  I can never take a break or else the sun’s UV rays will turn my color brassy, light, and awful looking & my texture will get super dry and ew.  Nobody needs that hair drama on a perfect summer day!

Aveda Sun Care Hair Veil

I’ve relied on Aveda’s Sun Care Protection Hair Veil all summer long while I’m out in the sun.  It’s UVA/UVB filters protect from the sun’s rays, while interesting ingredients cinnamon bark oil and wintergreen oil also help out with protection from sun damage.

I also love the smell of this product, it’s nice and citrusy!  I usually apply this quite a few times while I’m out in the sun, I never douse my hair but I make sure I spray an ample amount, I also have a lot of hair, so I need to make sure I’m covered from all angles.  It never weighs my hair down, or makes me look greasy and/or oily.  If anything it works as a nice detangle spray for after the beach/ pool.

  PS: You’ll need to reapply after swimming!

I feel like I really need the rest of Aveda’s Sun Care products.  The Sun Care After Sun Hair Masque sounds amazing after a day at the pool!    

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