Recipe Wednesday: Lemon Butter Salmon

During the summer it can be a tad on the annoying side to cook up a meal on a super hot/ gross/ muggy/ yuck day.  I rely more on preprepared chicken, fish, etc- all from Trader Joe’s of course- that I can pop in the convection oven and boom be done. 
Last night I decided to put forth a bit more effort, but still kept it super simple and light, with lemon butter salmon, paired with Brussel sprouts, & garlic naan.
This salmon recipe is so incredibly easy and flavorful.
First, I place the salmon skin up on a bed of butter slices topped with fresh minced garlic and the juice of a few lemon wedges.  I don’t have a set amount of butter or garlic to use, I just eyeball with the size of the salmon.  
PS: I love how Trader Joe’s sells packets of peeled garlic that I can just toss in the chopper…super convenient.  I pop this into the oven, 400 degrees, for 10 minutes.
During the 10 minutes I melt some more butter (I used a half cup total for this entire recipe, that’s including the butter already underneath the salmon), and season it with some more minced garlic, fresh ground pepper, and Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute, which is salt-free, comparable to a Mrs. Dash seasoning.  I also, in a separate bowl, mix a half cup of water with the remainder of the lemon, and set it aside.
Photo: Trader Joe’s
After the 10 minutes is up I pull out the salmon, carefully take off the skin, and pour over my lemon water mixture.  Then, on top of the salmon, I carefully top my seasoned butter mixture, and then sprinkle parmesan cheese over top of it.  Pop it back in the over for another 10 minutes, when you hit around the 3 minute mark, put on the broiler to crust the parmesan.

While the salmon is in the over for those last 10 minutes I pop the Brussel sprouts, covered in olive oil, sea salt, and pepper, into the convection oven at 400 degrees.  Most Brussel sprout recipes say to roast for 30-40 minutes, I like the crunch of them less cooked and I like how they retain their bright green flavor.  Some people don’t love them like I do though, so if you prefer them softer leave them in the oven for about 30 minutes!
With about 2 minutes left on the timer I put the naan into the oven.  I’m obsessed with the Trader Joe’s Garic Naan, it’s super delish and full of flavor for being a frozen food.
Seriously whipping up this dinner took me about 30 minutes, it’s a super light summer meal, and clean up is nice & easy too!
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