Exfoliate & Lather with The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish

I’m strangely obsessed with using body scrubs, I make sure not to over exfoliate, but I’m super intense about having a strict schedule.  I love finding new body scrubs, especially from my favorite brands, one of which is The Body Shop.
Satsuma Body Polish

Photo: The Body Shop

  I came across the Satsuma Body Polish and was instantly drawn to the orange-citrus scent.  Perfect for waking up when taking an AM shower.  The polish is partly made up of ground walnut shells, which I found intriguing.  I love the idea of an orange/ Satsuma scrub because then I know my skin is getting a healthy dose of vitamin C, which will protect it.  This product also contains honey, which will allow skin to remain moisturized.
I love that you can use the Satsuma Body Polish daily, it’s a softer exfoliant, non-irritating, and gives a great lather.  Most polishes and/or scrubs aren’t going to give a lather, but I was surprised when I first used it and this one did!  I typically use a light scrub like this every day on my shoulders, I’m not sure why I do this, but I do- it’s refreshing and makes me feel super clean!
The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish | $20 

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