Thursday’s Fab Five

Here are the top five things I’m loving this week! XO 
Thursday's Fab Five

Learn more about what I’m loving this week, after the jump!

My color of the week is once again from Essie’s summer line.  This blue is insanely cool, the pigmentation is just perfect.
Starbucks newest iced tea addition, mango black tea, is 10x better when done Arnold Palmer style.  I tried it on it’s own and didn’t love it, but I was instantly obsessed with it when it was mixed with the lemonade.  The only issue is, and I’d love to know who else is experiencing this, WHY IS STARBUCKS ALWAYS MYSTERIOUSLY OUT OF LEMONADE?!?!
Omg this book is everything.  I’m abut 3/4 of the way through and just love it so much!! I’m a huge Amy Pohler fan and her writing is awesome.  It’s heartfelt with great advice about life and how to get through it, but it’s also hilarious.  Perfect summer read for sure.
This bag is from a capsule collection done quite some time ago- but it’s been my go to work bag for my summer job.  I love the colors, it’s so fun, and super durable.  I found it on Amazon for $95 and eBay for $70, obviously much more than what Target sold it for, but hey, someone will buy it!
This was a housewarming gift for my first apartment from my fabulous Mom.  I’m a Chi Omega, & our mascot is an owl, so I love all owl-y things!  I look at this each day and love it, and I finally just recently actually started using it as a cookie jar…it just took me like, 3 years to finally do that.  Ha, whatever.
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