Brighten Up with Benefit’s Erase Paste

Concealer. I need it every day.  At least I think I need it every day…I am a teacher after all.  & I’m always tired.  Therefore, I would think concealer is an absolutely non-negotiable.  
My absolute favorite concealer for both under eye and to cover blemishes, which I’ve been using for years, & I mean seriously, years, is Benefit Erase Paste
, a “brightening camouflage for eyes & face”.  & trust me when I say, Erase Paste is the ultimate camouflage ever…in life.

Benefit Erase Paste

The consistency of Benefit Erase Paste
is my favorite part, it’s very creamy and on the thick side.  So, a little goes a long way and the blend is flawless- it seriously just melts into my skin, which gives me great even coverage.  I always make sure I top it with a translucent powder to help set it and prevent any oiliness throughout my long day.

One bonus of this product is that it comes with a little “how to” guide so you can really maximize your use of the product!  How nice of you, Benefit!

As I said, this is my favorite go to & daily concealer.  With three color choices, deep | medium | fair, I know you’ll find your perfect match.

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