Mario Badescu Almond & Honey Face Scrub

Now that the weather is getting warmer, and more humid, I feel like I want to use a face scrub each night.  Most face scrubs can be a bit too much to use daily, which makes perfect sense.  However, I think I finally found an amazing daily/ every other day product in Mario Badescu’s Almond & Honey Face Scrub.  
First off, the ‘non abrasive’ feature right on the label immediately caught my eye.  My skin can be sensitive on some days, so the fact that this scrub isn’t grainy really made me happy.
Mario Badescu Almond & Honey Face Scrub

The smell is amazing, it’s a soft scent of almond & honey, obviously, but it smells great and isn’t overpowering.  Honestly, the first few times I used this product I wondered if it was even doing its job, the almond and cornmeal particles are so incredibly fine…but after each use my skin felt refreshed and clean, and noticeably smoother.  The best part for me, especially when using this product in the morning, is that I experience absolutely no redness.

Right now I’m using this about every other day with no other exfoliating products.  I’m so pleased with the results so far, and I’m looking forward to adding some more Mario Badescu products to my beauty cabinet in the near future, I’m already a huge fan of his Cucumber Cleansing Lotion.

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