Thursday’s Fab Five

My current living room candle.  I’m a fan of any candle that smells like the ocean, especially now since I’m in full on summer mode.  This scent is a soft, fresh, and clean.  I do wish it was a bit stronger, but overall I’m enjoying it each night when I get home from work.
Right now I’m using this hand soap while at my kitchen sink, after washing dishes.  The scent is incredible, like seriously I’m in love with it, it smells like an island.  Bonus: its bright green color is a perfect accent color in my kitchen.
From my April Birchbox, this lip pencil is unique in that it’s super soft and isn’t really a “pencil”.  Honeypot applies like a gloss and is high shine.  It also has Shea butter as a key ingredient, which keep my lips feeling hydrated- I don’t need to apply chapstick before this lip product because it does double duty.
Kit Kats
Just…because, chocolate & crispy wafers.  Why not?
This is from an Ipsy bag and my first time using an Eva NYC product.  I’m almost out of it and I must say I really liked this spray.  I’ve only used it on my dry hair, it gives day old hair a great pick me up with volume and texture.

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