Thursday’s Fab Five

I recieved this in my first Ipsy Glam Bag everrrrr.  I’ve been wearing it each time I go out, it’s a perfect spring/ summer pink and reminds me of the lip gloss color CARGO used to have in those silver tins- I was so obsessed with those in high school.
From a Birchbox a little while back, this body lotion is incredible.  It smells so fresh and clean, I love the scent of rosemary.  I used this before bed each night for the past week and oh mah gawddd it was so relaxing.

I’ve bought way too many boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the past month, it’s super disgusting of me, but I really don’t care.  I had never tried these before, but I love them!  Anything with lemon is right up my ally.  If you’ve never given these a try, they’re a must!

My Mom bought me these for Valentine’s Day…I think.  Jeeze, I hope I have that right.  They are so super cute and I use them almost daily.  I have them up on my counter displayed and I wanted to feature them because not only are they the most perfect measuring cups ever, they are also the perfect decorative piece.

This was my last winter color of the year I wore last week.  It was the perfect winter is almost over, but spring still isn’t here color.

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