Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer

I’ve recently gone on a primer binge.  I used to not apply primer before work in the morning…well, more like some days I would (i.e. if I was going out after work) & others I wouldn’t.  
I apply my makeup around 6:30am and my day ends around 5:30pm…seriously, my makeup wasn’t cutting it for 11 hours.  Between the temperature of my classroom, doing 500 things in the span of 7 hours, and not always hydrating as much as I should be I felt like I looked like a mess by 5pm- it didn’t even look like I had any makeup on.
My solution?  Purchasing a high quality primer.
I’m really into color correcting products since I have rosacea, so I figured I’d give the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer a try.  I have used the standard Photo Finish Primer before, so I already knew it was a great product.  I was hoping the Color Correcting Primer would give me just a bit more oomph and conceal any redness.
The first rule with this product, and any primer, but I really notice it with this one…is to let your moisturizer/ eye cream completely dry before applying it.  The primer won’t stick and it’ll feel kinda wet/ slippery if you try to apply it over skincare products that haven’t completely set yet.
As far as the color correcting aspect, I expected more.  It did tone down redness a little bit, but I had much higher expectations.
After using this primer my makeup applied super smooth and even.  Although I’m bummed out about the lack of color correcting this Smashbox Primer does, I am impressed with its ability to allow makeup to last all day without feeling like it slid off my face.
I can’t speak to the other colored Smashbox Foundation Primers working the way they claim to, but I do know that overall the Smashbox Foundation Primer line is amazing at doing it’s primary job, creating a great canvas to helping makeup last.

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