Thursday’s Fab Five

Thursday's Fab Five

First Fab Five of 2015!

I never use Victoria Secret Perfume, but I had this and figured I might as well use it up.  It’s super fresh which I love, and the fruit tones meld well together, it’s not overly sweet smelling at all. 
This purple burgundy color is currently on my nails, and loving it.  It’s a perfect winter color.
Got this for free in my Black Friday bag.  A Thousand Wishes had a huge push with Bath & Body Works during the holiday, and now that I think about it I don’t remember ever smelling it in the store.  The scent, in my opinion, is kind of fruity and kind of nutty.  It’s described as a champagne, peony, and almond creme blend- which doesn’t sound all that spectacular, but I promise it all works out quite well!
Hilarious.  I’m a huge Andy Cohen fan and loved his first book Most Talkative.  Although it’s a totally different format, The Andy Cohen Diaries delivers just as much funny.  Tons of name dropping which I love.
This is from my Birchbox a few months back.  It’s an overall great eye makeup remover, especially for my waterproof mascara.  I cannot stand eye makeup removers that feel greasy, this one feels surprisingly refreshing after I use it, almost in a toner-like way.  Currently on backorder through Birchbox, everyone must be loving it as much as I am!

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