Modere Beauty Box: Antioxidant Hair Serum

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a subscription box service, Modere, to try out their beauty box.  After looking up Modere I was more than happy to explore what they had to offer!  Modere sent me five products, all of which I have been using on almost a daily basis.  This is the first post in a series of 3, so stay tuned!
Before I get into the first product, the Antioxidant Hair Serum, let me just say I loved the packaging of my Modere products.  The box the products came in was very sophisticated looking, and I think it’s awesome that in addition to the full size products, they also gave travel-sized versions as well!  Genius.
The winter can have such a harsh effect on your hair, especially if you have super long color-treated hair like mine.  Shampoos and conditioners can do wonders to help keep hair healthy and shiny but a great hair serum is seriously what you need to protect and strengthen during this time of year.

I’ve been having great success with Modere’s Antioxidant Hair Serum for a little over a month now.  I’ve been using it almost daily to tame any fly-aways/ frizz, and it’s great at detangling smoothing my hair after straightening.

The key ingredient in the Antioxidant Hair Serum is kuki oil, which seals the hair cuticle, preventing breakage and split ends.  Other ingredients include argan and jojoba seed oil, which are known to do wonders for hair.

Overall the Antioxidant Hair Serum aims to keep hair hydrated, nourished, shiny, and strong, and based off of my use of it I think it’s done a great job at all of those!  I worry with hair serums sometimes, they can be great and then all of a sudden your hair is a grease ball and so yucky- thankfully that has never happened once with this product!  The key to using a hair serum correctly is to use the tiniest bit, it’s perfect because it helps your product last longer, and you’re not ruining your hair by using too much.  Win-win.
Stay turned for my next post about Modere’s skincare products!!

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