Happy New Year! & Other Chic Things

I hope you all had a glamorous and over-the-top holiday season and Happy New Year!  Now, it’s back to business of trying to juggle teaching 2nd grade and blogging.  Oy.  I have lots of personal, professional, and business goals for this year- all written down and ready to be WORKED on.
This Christmas was so great, I’m so lucky to have an amazing family and fabulous friends, and I am so incredibly thankful for all I received.
Ms. Claus, an incredibly intelligent woman, really outdid herself this year.  This Michael Kors watch was a complete surprise!  I love that it’s not your typical style, it’s perfect arm candy.

Christmas Haul 1

I love having throw blankets all around my apartment, Ms. Claus got me an amazing Pottery Barn Cozy Cable Knit Throw last year, which I’m obsessed with.  This year the newest throw added to my collection is the Anthropologie Confetti Throw, which is absolutely incredible.  She also remembered my affinity for a great robe, and I added another Pottery Barn robe to my collection.

My best friend, Heather, bought me the most beautiful Anthropologie wine glasses, 4 white and 4 red in this beautiful Paris box, with super cute cocktail napkins.  The wine glasses are so incredibly gorgeous I cannot deal.  She also completely restored and glammed up an old cart my mom had…Heather is so talented I can’t even begin to explain.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!?!?! My new bar cart, and the sentimental value makes it the absolute best.  I just loved how she presented this, I had no words.  Her family also got me a super cute pair of black fingerless Michael Kors gloves.  I’m a glove hoard…because I’m always so scared of losing them.

Every girl needs a super chic calendar, so I’m happy to hang this Anthropologie Travel the World 2015 calendar above my desk.  {All sold out, ah!}  My aunt and uncle gave me a Keurig, which I seriously needed for work, I cannot wait to have it in classroom.  Andddd, I’ve been dying for a crock-pot so my aunt got me one!  Yay soups and stews!

A multitude of beauty products [not all pictured] and two Alex & Ani bracelets were also under the tree- one for the Power of Positivity and the other a Paw Print charm…so perfect.

Christmas Haul 2

My Dad sent me a hugeeee box a couple of weeks ago filled with ridiculously fun things.  Anything Hello Kitty is something I will adore, and that ginormous PEZ is something I had never seen before!  I also got a ton of stickers for my kids, which is very helpful.  I never understood the whole ‘I WANT A STICKER’ thing, but it’s very real.  I wish I could find a picture of the butterfly Mercedes cup holder inserts my Dad gave me as well, but I cannot find them anywhere online.  I just got my car detailed a few days ago, so now I won’t feel bad about putting them in the cup holders…it was pretty awful before the detail.  Never again.

Christmas Haul 3

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