Thursday’s Fab Five

Thursday's Fab Five
I love European Wax Center for my eyebrows.  I got my first wax free since I was a new client back in July, and I literally had not gotten my eyebrows done again until this week.  The shape stayed so long- and the waxing process at European Wax Center is high quality and almost painless.  I love the look and feel of the center, and I’m so happy I’ve found a great place with people who know how to wax brows ridiculously well.
Oh em gee, I can’t stop eating this.  Most people who know me know I love Smartfood, but at work the original is a tad hard to eat due to the cheesy greatness.  The math instructional coach at my school bought me this (which is beyond sweet of her to begin with) and I am so obsessed- it’s amazing, try it out!
I’ve been using this BB cream for two weeks straight and it gives me the perfect amount of coverage without being makeup-y at all.  The SPF 35 is great, overall it’s a high quality product, as any Bobbi Brown product is.  I’ll do a full review soon!
Everyone needs Sharpies.  Teachers really need Sharpies.  So colorful and FUN.  You forget how necessary colorful permanent markers are in your daily life…I’m glad I rediscovered the greatness.

Spruce up your desk space with these super cute file folders.  I have one for each day of the week…again, so colorful and FUN!!

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