The First Day of 2nd Grade

I start teaching today!  Finally!  Yay!
I’m teaching 2nd grade math and science at a public school in D.C.  I could not be happier to start this new journey, and I’m really looking forward to, and excited for, this new school year.
I figured I’d share some pictures of my classroom, I’ve worked hard on putting everything together and organizing for the past two weeks, it’s been insane.
As I do certain things I’ll share them on here, if you know any teachers, please share this with them! 
This will be my morning meeting area and also the area for my whole group / small group instruction.
I wanted there to be plenty of space around the computers both for the students working on them, and to lessen distraction for other students working throughout the room.

 Student math journals and GoMath books will be housed on this bookshelf.  Each group of desks will also have their own supply caddy.  I’m not going to fill them until all of the supplies are brought in and in order.
 I always want books visible in the classroom, even though I’m teaching math & science.  I have Eric Carle’s Animals Animals, National Geographic Kid’s First Big Book of Why, Andrew Clement’s A Million Dots, and Greg Tang’s Math Fables.  Apologies on the picture being so dark!
Math manipulative area.  I’m keeping all the math manipulatives close to my desk for good reason.
 My school follows Responsive Classroom, so our first week will be all about creating community and learning our everyday routines and procedures.  This is what we’ll be doing today!
Our 2nd grade theme is 2nd Grade Scholars Are Stellar
Our educational aides did an amazing job with the hallways bulletin board and our doors!

 This is my science book library & my main bulletin board with our calendar and news.

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