Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

I’m a huge Smashbox fan, I love their primers, and most recently I’ve been over the top obsessed with the Full Exposure Mascara.  I never use false lashes, I’m super lucky in that I don’t need to, my lashes look crazy big just with mascara.  Since I create dramatic lash looks…basically daily…I need a mascara that’ll deliver length, volume, and curl.  Anddddd, since I use mascara daily, it’s super important for me to have some type of nourishing qualities in the mascara I’m using.  I’ve used a few in the past (I won’t name names) that’ve just completed dried out my lashes, and then I get super sad.

The Full Exposure Mascara gives amazing length and volume, and contains olive oil to help keep lashes hydrated healthy.  I also really love the wand, it covers all my lashes in one sweep, and while the formula itself for this mascara does not clump, the wand doesn’t cause any clumping either.
In terms of color, the Full Exposure Mascara is offered only in black, which is fine with me, I’ve never used any other color, and don’t plan on it either.  It’s “Jet Black” and I think the color lives up to its name just perfectly.  I do a ton of coats, just because I’m over the top like that with how my eyes look…I’m sure the average person puts about two of this on.

My one gripe, and it’s not even a big deal to me personally, is that this mascara is not waterproof.  I don’t plan on jumping into any pools with this on, but I’m just sayin’, it’s something to be aware of.  I don’t really care for waterproof mascaras, I find they really dry out my lashes and I hate the process of getting it all off.  Butttttt, I know some people are particular about their mascara staying on no matter what, so I just wanted to throw that in there.

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