I’m 24, AH!

Hello friends, 
I turned 24 on July 19.  I’m happy 23 is over only because I don’t like odd numbers [weird, because I was born on an odd number day], so I was anxiously awaiting my turn to turn 24.
It was a tough weekend, but I’m glad I celebrated with my closest friends in Atlantic City, my birthday tradition.  We even took it back to Showboat, where I had my epic 21st birthday, because it’s closing the end of August…so sad.
ANYWAY, my birthday gift to myself was having Love.Life.Beauty redesigned.  I loved my Shabby Blogs template, but it wasn’t mine.  This new design totally what I wanted and was made specifically for me.  
I searched on Etsy and came across UrbanCreativeStudio, run by Dee Dee.  I literally know nothing about graphic design or HTML, but that doesn’t even matter because Dee Dee was awesome in figuring out what I wanted.  
And, hello, I’m in LOVE with the finished product!  
Thank you so much Dee Dee, you’re the best!
I’ll be back to my regular blogging next week, life is finally somewhat back to the norm.
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