Thursday’s Fab Five

Thursday's Fab Five (6/19)

Thursday’s Fab Five (6/19) by elizabethmayce featuring highlight cream makeup

I got this nifty water bottle in my May POPSUGAR Must Have Box, and I’ve been using it daily since!  You can place lemons, oranges, or limes in the bottom component, and it infuses your water all day long.  In the beginning I thought you couldn’t add ice, but then I figured out how to take off the juicer part on the bottom, add ice, juice my lemons, and start my perfect day!  I love love love this water bottle, it is so perfect for the summer, I bring it everywhere with me, and I love that I can enjoy my icy lemon water all day no matter where I am.

It’s so hot here in D.C. so I am trying to wear as little makeup as possible.  Sometimes when I do that though I feel I look a bit washed out, so I just dab on some of The Multiple and head out.  It gives the perfect amount of color, Orgasm is definitely the most popular Multiple on the market, it gives a great glow.  It’s a cream-to-powder product, and I don’t have any issues with it as I move through the hot days.

This is the polish on my nails right now, Play Date.  It’s a super fun punchy purple that’s almost neon but not quite.  I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on this color, it looks fab on any skin tone, and I highly recommend it for a summer color.

Starbucks Butter Popcorn 
This is my snack of the week because I’ve eaten it a few times!  I love the Butter Starbucks popcorn snack, I’m a popcorn addict so it makes sense to me.  I think it’s so yum, I like the amount you get in the package, and overall, nutrition wise, it’s way better than buying a muffin or bagel from Starbucks.  PS: Apparently there is a Buttered Popcorn Frapp on the “Secret Starbucks Menu”, I can’t decide if that sounds super yum or super gross.

I stole this from my Mom’s bathroom last week, good thing she doesn’t seem to mind.  I love the LUSH Charity Pot because it has a chocolatey smell, which is the exact reason my Mom did not like it.  It’s your basic body lotion, light for summer which I appreciate.  The best part of the Charity Pot is that 100% of the profits goes to an organization LUSH supports [think animal welfare, environmental efforts, and human rights].  Next time you’re in LUSH, pick one up…you get a great product and are supporting a great cause at the same time!

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