Travel Tryouts: Haircare Pt. I

Here goes my first round of haircare sample products I went through while in Europe, this first post is all about the shampoo and conditioner I used. 
The first set of shampoo and conditioner I used up was from the Alterna’s Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Collection {shampoo | conditioner}.  I got these samples from a Nordstrom event, so I figured the brand had to be pretty decent if Nordys is promoting them.
{Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner, $22 each}
I have a pretty large frizz problem, so I’m willing to try any shampoo and/or conditioner that claims to fight frizz.  I’ll admit I did not have a lot of each product to use, I was only able to use each twice, but I enjoyed both products.  My shine was up to par, frizziness was not a concern, I had no tangles after washing, and both products passed my air-dry test.
I really enjoyed using the shampoo, the conditioner on the other hand was a so-so, it wasn’t OMG GREAT, but it wasn’t “bad” either.  I personally found the conditioner a bit too heavy for my taste, but the shampoo I really loved.
The second set of shampoo and conditioner I used is from the Arrojo Gentle collection.  My bestie Heather passed these along to me over Christmas.  The salon she works at, Salon Pure in Princeton NJ, uses Arrojo products and Heather said I would love the brand, naturally she was right.
{Arrojo Gentle Shampoo, $18 & Gentle Conditioner, $19}
The Gentle Shampoo & Gentle Conditioner are sulfate and sodium-chloride free, which is perfect for my psoriasis issues.  The shampoo was super light-weight and it’s cleaning job perfectly, so that’s always good!  I didn’t get much of a lather, but my hair felt clean and great after using it.  The conditioner was just as good, not too heavy, and when I combed out my hair it felt smooth, not tangly, and didn’t frizz after air drying….yay!!
I would definitely consider purchasing full size versions of these products, they’re safe for color treated hair, and with all the sun I get in the summer, I need to have those more gentle ingredients in my routine.
Tomorrow I’ll feature some more of the haircare products I used while I was in Europe, so stay tuned! 

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