Eu Natural Clarity Vitamin C Serum

I hope everyone already knows this but…serums are such an important part of your AM & PM skincare routine!  Check out my posting, Serum, So What, from back in 2011, if you need a refresher on why we should all be using a rich antioxidant vitamin packed daily serum.

Eu Natural’s Clarity Vitamin C Serum is packed with, most obvious, vitamin c, vitamin e, herbal extracts, and hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid helps keep skin plump and smooth, and it’s been a trendy ingredient in skincare products recently.  The Clarity Vitamin C Serum aims to reduce wrinkles, lessen dark spots, and smooth the skin.
I’ve been using this serum for about a month now and I only have great things to share!

Photo: – Clarity Vitamin C Serum $49.99

First of all, I love the texture of this product.  It’s so incredibly lightweight, which is perfect for summer, and it absorbs so easily into skin.
Serums can sometimes be a bit on the sticky side, luckily, the Clarity Vitamin C Serum is not sticky at all, and once it’s pressed into the skin, my moisturizer applies evenly overtop of it.  
I’ve been using this product in my PM skincare routine, I want all of the ingredients to really be able to work overnight, without any makeup on my face or anything else getting in the way.  So far, it’s been great, and I would definitely recommend this product to anybody looking to bump up their serum game and seriously flood their skin with vitamins and antioxidants!         
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[Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BrandBacker.  I was provided with a full size Clarity Vitamin C Serum for review.  All opinions are my own.]

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