Travel Tryouts: Body Moisturizers

Now that life is settled back to normal, I am SO excited to get started on doing mini-reviews for all of the beauty sample products I brought on my European journey.  Each beauty product I bought has been in my sample collection box and I knew those two weeks away across the pond would be a perfect time to start to dwindle down my supply.

First, I’m going to start with body moisturizers, I bought two different types with me and used them up super fast. Thankfully my friend I was staying with had a great smelling coconut body lotion I used when my samples were up. 


The first moisturizer I used on my trip was BeeKind’s Body Lotion from my April Birchbox.  BeeKind is a great brand because it’s super Eco-friendly, all products are made without parabans and are full of great ingredients such as honey, plant extract, and chamomile.  Sounds good, right?! 

I really enjoyed using this body lotion, it’s not heavy at all, it was a little on the thin side, which worked well for me on this trip, and would work well overall for the spring & summer. I also found that it wasn’t sticky and had a great lemony fresh smell. 

Lastly, after reading about BeeKind I found out that part of each sale goes to the Honey Bee Research Program at UC Davis, so, hello, that’s awesome! 


The second body lotion I used on my trip was the Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter.  I’ve actually used this product a bunch of times, but this is the first time I’m writing about it.

{PS: Notice the lemon theme I’ve got going on here????}

Anyway, Bliss products are fabulous, and I’m in love with the entire Lemon+Sage line.  If you’re looking for a great body butter, you need to try this ASAP, it’s definitely a cult favorite.  This product is a maximum moisture cream, it will cure you of any dry skin issue, it’s magic, basically.  

I didn’t need a super heavy moisturizer but I’ve had a few samples of this for a while so I figured I’d just use them up on this trip.  This body butter isn’t greasy at all, the product absorbs super quickly for being on the thicker side, and the lemon sage scent is beyond amazing and refreshing.  

Once I ran out of my samples I started using my friend’s ‘My Coconut Island’ body lotion by TreacleMoon which is a UK brand. I really enjoyed using it, it was exciting because it was a new brand to me, and you can’t buy it in the US (although the website does accept international orders).  It was veryyyyyyy thin, like really very liquid-y.  However, my skin still felt totally hydrated and moisturized after I used it, so it did its job, which is the most important part.

I always go back and forth with how I feel about coconut, but I can honestly say I loved this scent.  It was very natural coconut, I feel some times the coconut scent can be a bit too syrupy in products and I think that’s gross.  I’m not sure that made any sense, but it hopefully you catch my drift.

SO, those are my mini-reviews for the body lotion/ moisturizers I used while in Europe.  I’m so glad I’ve finally been able to put a dent in my big sample box, seriously it was getting out of hand! 

Come back tomorrow to check out my next round of Travel Tryouts!! 

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