Sunday Rambles: Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mom in the whole world, MY Mom, DUH. No really, she is actually the best Mom ever and I am so lucky to have her…seriously. 
I realized I had forgotten to do a post letting you all know I’m in Europe until May 14, OOPS. & then I graduate from GW Graduate School of Education & Human Development with my M.Ed in elementary education…right when I get back! AHHHH.
Anyway, I’ve been using a ton of beauty samples I’ve been saving up for the trip, and I cannot wait to do a mini series on them all….AND tell you all about Copenhagen, my week and a half in Paris, and my short stay in Stockholm! I’ve had such a fun time, have been eating the most amazing things ever in life, and I’ve been balancing that part out by walking everywhere.

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