Taya Amazon White Clay Thickening Leave-In Mist & Thickening Styling Creme

I’ve been reviewing the entire Taya Amazon White Clay Thickening collection and this post features my absolute favorite product from this line, the Leave-In Mist.  If you haven’t seen my posts on the Shampoo & Conditioner and the Whipped Clay & Thickening Hair Spray, click on the links and check ’em out!
So far I’ve been loving the Amazon White Clay Thickening line, I’ve been using the products daily, and as I’ve mentioned in my other postings, the ingredients in these products have really helped with my psoriasis, it’s been amazing!
Anyway, on to today’s products…
First, the Thickening Leave-In Mist.  Amazing.  I mean it, I love it so much.  I use this mist after washing my hair, it gives me great volume and in the AM before work I’ll spritz some more in, it’s great.  I have a huge volume problem on the top at my roots, and the Leave-In Mist has been spectacular in revving up my roots and giving me a ton of body.
{Amazon White Clay Thickening Leave-In Mist, $22}
I’ve had no grease problem or heaviness issues with this product, it’s become a hair staple for me, and I’m so happy I have an entire bottle to use!!
The second product for today is the Thickening Styling Creme.  To be honest this is the last product I introduced into my regimen, I’m not into the hair styling creme scene, so I was hesitant on using it at first.  
Right now this product is completely sold out on HSN, so I guess word is spreading on how great it is!  I’m not sure what to say about this product, I definitely like it, but I honestly do not have much to compare it to as I’ve never used a hair creme before this.    
I’ve been using it to smooth out my ends, and I’ve noticed it’s tamed my ends since I need a trim badly, and given me overall volume when used alone.  I’ve been using very small amounts of the Styling Creme because, as I’ve said, I haven’t really experimented with cremes before- but I think it’s been doing it’s job quite well.  
{Amazon White Clay Thickening Styling Creme, $22}
I want to thank Taya Beauty for providing me with the Amazon Clay Thickening line to review.  It was a great experience and I was able to learn about a brand I may not have found about elsewhere.  All Taya products are available through HSN or on their website, Taya Beauty!
[Note: This is a sponsored post.  Taya Beauty provided me with these products.  All opinions are my own.]

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