Mario Badescu’s Cucumber Cleansing Lotion

I hate super astringent-y toners, they can sting and irritate sensitive skin quite easily.  I’ve never heard a negative remark about Mario Badescu products, so while shopping around Blue Mercury in Alexandria one fine Saturday I decided to pick up a bottle of this cleansing lotion and see what it could do for me. 
The girl checking me out was raving about Mario products and said I would absolutely love it & she was totally right!
{Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, $26}
First, let’s discuss the cucumber aspect.  We all know cucumber is great for skin, hello eye masks.  This product contains a cucumber extract astringent and 4% alcohol, it’s perfect for acne-prone/ oily skin.
The Cucumber Cleansing gel is so cooling and refreshing & perfect for the AM for its t-zone oil control.  All I do is soak a cotton ball, apply evenly all over my face, and I’m ready for serum & my moisturizer.
The best part about this product is it’s doing the work of an astringent without drying you out or irritating skin at all.  It’s a must have in my beauty routine now, and I can’t wait to add more Mario Badescu products to my lineup!

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