Guest Post: Travel Necessities by Alexa Curtis

One of my blogging resolutions was to incorporate guest posts into my regular blogging schedule.  I’m so excited to be presenting a post on Travel Necessities written by Alexa Curtis of A Life in the Fashion Lane.  Make sure you check out her fabulous blog, especially the video clip from Rachel Ray!
This post comes at a perfect time as I’m preparing to book my trip to Paris (and a bunch of other countries TBD) in May!  I def think I’ll be picking up a copy of Karl Lagerfeld’s new book for the journey. XO.
Travel Necessities 
 For those of you who are avid travelers, there are a few items you should always have on handy. Whether you’re stuck in an airport or expecting a long road trip ahead, these will have you busy, not hungry, and excited for an adventure!    

I’m a huge fan of energy bars, and especially ones with the smallest amount of ingredients. Thunderbird is one of my favorite brands because they use whole, organic ingredients, plus the bars are gluten-free and vegan!
Another one of my travel staples is headphones, but headphones that won’t break. Although a bit on the pricier side, Beats are a cool and fashion forward upgrade from your regular headphone.
An enjoyable read is a fun way to make any time pass quickly, and Karl Lagerfeld’s new book is bound to have any fashionistas eyes locked to the pages.

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