Recipe Wednesday: Around the Web

I really need some new recipes.  I find myself always making the same stuff, and while it’s always yummy, I need a change of pace.  If time allows it, I’m def going to try to make some of these recipes in the coming days!
Okay, serious question…have you ever tried a cava cava orange?  If not, sprint to Trader Joe’s right now and buy a bag.  Seriously, they are amazing!! AND, they’re only in season for a short time, so it’s imperative to eat all of them RIGHT NOW.  Avocado dressing?  I die.

I’m thinking about making this sans chicken as I’m really trying to not lessen how much meat I eat.  I love to make soups, and this looks fabulous, especially with the added avocado on top.  YUM.
EEK, I love scones, but I’ve never made them before.  This could either be a triumph or a kitchen disaster.  Either way, I want to make these ASAP.  I love lemons, and just hearing ‘lemon cream’ makes me want to run into my kitchen and make these right now.
I’m totally down with all of the ingredients in this salad, except the almonds.  I’m not an almond girl.  Anyway, I need to make dressing more often and this one seems simple enough and ultra nomilicious.
Perfect snack for another weekend of playoff football, right?  The best part about these is that there’s no frier involved!

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