Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

Sometimes I just need an instant beauty pick-me-up.  We all know I have a thing for face masks, I try to do one at least once a week- I think the benefits of face masks are amazing and I have my few staple masks I’ll be using for the rest of my life.  I’m happy to introduce another face mask I’ve been using recently, this one is a bit different in a great way.
Radical Skincare’s Instant Revitalizing Mask really is instant, and that is the best part.  I’ve been doing this mask once a week in the morning, which is very different for me, most people don’t do a mask in the AM before work.
I’ve been slathering this on after my quick morning cleanse, working on my hair or picking out my outfit for about 3-5minutes, and then wash this off.  It’s basically perfect.
{Named one of the 12 Great New Skin-Care Products to Try by Real Simple magazine! & an Editor Obsession from E! Online}
The Instant Revitalizing Mask is foaming & oxygen-infused, so about a minute after applying it, it initially looks like a heavy lotion but it’ll start to foam and pop.  The first time it happened I started laughing because it felt kinda weird as it popped and seemingly disappeared from my face.
Even though it looks like your skin has absorbed the mask, still rinse with luke warm water and pat dry.  I’ve loved doing this mask before I start my day, it’s very hydrating and makes me feel refreshed.  The winter months can be harsh on my skin and sometimes makes me look a bit drab, but I know this mask is helping me to look refreshed and bright.
I’ve been using the Instant Revitalizing Mask consistently [sometimes even twice a week] for the past three weeks and I’m in love with the glow-y results thus far.  The one potential downside to the product is its price [$65], but it is truly an awesome product so I feel it’s worth it for great looking skin!  Also, you can purchase from Sephora, so you’ll rack up those Beauty Insider points quite easily with this mask!!
[Note: Radical Skincare provided me with the Instant Revitalizing Mask.  All opinions are my own.]

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