Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion

The next product in my Epionce skincare series is the third step in my skincare routine, an AM/PM Renewal Facial Lotion.  
I love that this moisturizer is super lightweight, I can’t stand (even in the winter) when products are too heavy.  The one downside to this product is that there is no SPF for the morning.  So, while I do sometimes use this in the morning (and then just apply SPF after), I’m mostly using this at night
{Renewal Facial Lotion, $94}
This facial lotion has an anti-aging formula, which is fine by me- it also helps improve “firmness, radiance, and texture”.  I have definitely noticed a difference in both radiance and texture, overall I feel I have a much more bright look and I think that’s the work of all three Epionce products I’ve been using.  My texture has not been this amazing in a long time.
Just the other day I was staring in the mirror (totally normal) and could not believe how small my pores were, it’s seriously crazy, and I love it!! 
The word needs to start being spread about Epionce because it is an amazing brand with high quality magic products.  If you have any skin issues I encourage you to browse the Epionce site, espeially the page which breaks down different skin issues, and which products work best!
Next week is my final posting featuring the Renewal Eye Cream!
[Note: I was provided with the above product by Epionce. All opinions are my own.] 

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