Thursday’s Fab Five

Thursday's Fab 5 (Jan 9)
Here’s what I’m loving this week!
Ms. Claus got me this from Anthropologie, one of my favorite stores.  I feel like I’m always 
losing my glasses in my bag, so at least I know they are safe in this super cute case.
I’m not sure if you’ve been watching the news, or living daily life, but if you do either then 
you probably know we’re in something called a polar vortex right now.  While we should 
all be moisturizing to the max, Lemony Flutter is ah-mazing for cuticles and nails, which 
can take some serious damage with this ridiculous weather.
My bestie Paulina got me this mini-candle for Christmas and I absolutely love it.  I 
have it in my bathroom and it seriously fills the room up with an amazing
cinnamon scent, perfect before a nice hot bubble bath in the polar vortex. 
My nail of the week is this awesome dark green from last year’s Stylenomics collection.  
Aside from the fact that this is a fabulous color, it looks spectacular with gold jewelry, 
and I’m even thinking of adding some gold glitter just for funziessss!
Hello, I’m obsessed with coffee table books, I have like 15 and only one coffee table..HALP.  
Anyway, I’ve had my eye on this for a while and Anthropologie used to sell it but they 
don’t anymore, but Ms. Claus got her hands on it anyway, she’s so fabulous.  I LOVE 
THIS BOOK, it’s so cute, each page is a different cocktail recipe in print that looks 
handwritten, with an accompanying picture.  I need to have a dinner party just to 
make a bunch of them. 

Are you loving anything in particular this week?? 
Let me know!

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