Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser

I’m always down to try new skincare lines, especially ones that aren’t ridiculously mainstream.  I’ve been using Epionce religiously for a couple of months now & I’ll be starting a four week Monday series reviewing one Epionce product each week.  
Epionce is a dermatological product line, so you’ll find Epionce in places like medi-spas, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and of course on their website.  The products in each line are truly geared toward the health & wellness of your skin and are formulated to treat various skin conditions.
When I shared my skin concerns with the Epionce rep, she tailored a skin regimen that fit my needs perfectly.

{Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser, $36}

The first product I’ll review is the Lytic Gel Cleanser, which I’m completely obsessed with.  This cleanser is geared toward “combination to oily/problem skin”, which is right up my ally.  The main ingredients in this product are willow bark extract, menthol, date fruit extract, and marshmallow extract.  
I can definitely feel the willow bark extract and menthol when I cleanse with this product, which in my opinion is refreshing and tells me the product is actually working.  You have that “wow, my face feels super clean” feeling after using it, but not in that “wow, my face also feels really dry and tight” way!
I haven’t had a single breakout since using this cleanser which is absolutely incredible to me.  I’m really not kidding either, I’ve been telling my mom and friends all about it.

I use the Lytic Gel Cleanser 2x daily, as recommended, and it has changed my skin completely.  Aside from the sheer amazing-ness of no breakouts, I’ve noticed a huge change in my texture and redness issues.  

I was a little nervous at first since I was switching my entire routine over to Epionce, a brand I had never used before, but within two weeks I was shocked by the effect these products had on my skin.  I have psoriasis issues and I haven’t experienced any issues, and honestly it’s been cleared up, since I started using Epionce.  You have no idea how happy that made me!!  {I’m a tad self conscious about it.}
All in all, I’ve never been so wow’ed by a cleanser before, especially in how its cleared up my psoriasis.  Check out the How Epionce Helps section of their website to address your skin concern and see what their regime would entail!

Next Monday’s post will feature Epionce’s Lytic Plus TX, so stay tuned!

[Note: I was provided with the above product by Epionce. All opinions are my own.]

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