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 {Warning: a lot of these pics are from Thanksgiving, I have no idea why I’m sharing them so late, but whatever.} 

 My little Leo posing proudly by his little Christmas tree! 
Bottomless brunch is my jam, endless sangria & tapas at Boqueria was absolutely amazing!

My Thanksgiving appetizer spread.  We all know I’m queen of the apps.

Two pups just lickin’ up all the turkey juice.
One pup was quickly bullied out of his drunk off turkey napping spot for this large bear below. 

These people. THESE PEOPLE.  These people have been my friends since I was approx 4 & 5yrs old.  We’ve all grown up to do different things, but no matter what we reconnect and it’s always BEAUTIFUL. [& I never remember anything the next AM]
I can’t live without these two.  Actually, I can’t. 

Saw these beautiful things at Anthro, I want all of it.

Leo spent the day after Thanksgiving at the Petsmart Pet Hotel and was a FABULOUS guest.


Every year since my freshman year in college I’ve adopted a family for the holidays.  It’s definitely an expense, but I look forward to going out buying & wrapping presents for my adopted family each year…it’s my own little tradition for myself…not going out and spending money on drinks for a week or two is def worth it in the end!

LEO’S NEW BESTIE, RIGGINS, my friend Rachel’s new pup!

 My friend, KQ {check out her adorable blog, Daily Love Affair} hosted a Flannels & Handles Christmas party this past weekend.  Tell me this entry way isn’t the cutest/ most fabulous thing you’ve seen all week???  I almost grabbed a beer, before remembering how much I hate beer.

I literally couldn’t stop drinking this, and having those super adorbz straws only made me want more…a little gin concoction with fresh cranberries and rosemary.  Yum.

 Just enjoying my home on a Sunday morning… 

A snowy bottomless brunch at Ambar on Barracks Row!  Balkan cuisine, fab.
 A snowy-rainy Sunday Funday evening with my sisters ended up like this…

Watching old music videos…everyone needs to do this once and while…it’s a good test of how well you can remember the lyrics AND how fashion over the years has changed for the better.  Jeeze.
I think it’s safe to say Leo enjoyed bed hopping with his gurlfranz…

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