The Body Shop’s Warming Mineral Mask

We all know I die for a good face mask.  The Body Shop’s Warming Mineral Mask piqued my interest a few months ago, and I must say I have been using it weekly ever since.  
The Warming Mineral Mask is probably the most interesting mask I’ve ever used.  The texture is creamy and when you spread it on your face it’s super warming- it’s an interesting feeling.  
The main ingredients are cinnamon, ginger, and kaolin clay.  Kaolin clay has been used for hundreds of years to detoxify the skin and replenish minerals.  While the mask is a clay mask, you don’t have the typical “clay mask” feeling after applying it.  I don’t mind traditional clay masks, but one thing I really love about the Warming Mineral Mask is that, although it contains clay, I can still move my face after the 15 minutes is up!
I apply this mask after spritzing my face with my Philosophy Hope Springs Eternal Hydrating Mist [see post here] since it’s best applied to wet skin.  The Body Shop says to leave it on for 5 minutes, but I always leave all of my masks on for 15- especially since this one is a non-drying mask.
When I take the mask off I make sure to massage it into my skin first, you still feel the warming, and it comes off pretty easily once you use warm water.  My skin always feels amazing and super super soft after I’ve used it.  
I think it’s great to use the day after a long night out, it’s so purifying for your pores, and I have noticed a difference in my pore size after using it for the past few months.
Recently my skin has been very sensitive, I’ve never had any irritation after using this mask though.  It deep cleans and exfoliates without leaving your skin red and possibly blotchy.  So, for any readers worried about masks for sensitive skin, I think you’re safe with this one! 
Next time you’re in The Body Shop I highlyyyyy recommend checking out the Warming Mineral Mask.  If you’re a Love Your Body member you automatically save 10% and earn rewards.  Also, sign up for The Body Shop emails because they are always having amazing 40% off entire site, or buy 3 get 3 free, sales! xo 

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