Sonia Kashuk Bath & Body Collection: Yellow Alluriana Body Butter

If you’re a Target shopper like myself then you’re somewhat familiar with Sonia Kashuk’s beauty line.  I have a few makeup brushes from the brand, and I love her eye makeup remover, but beyond that I hadn’t tried much else.

Well, recently Marie Claire & Target teamed up and sent me a product, not yet available in stores, from the new Sonia Kashuk Bath & Body Collection, and I was more than happy & super excited to try it out! 
I opened up my package last week to see I received the Yellow Alluriana Body Butter.  When I opened it up I was actually amazed by how luxurious it smelled, a fabulous mix of grapefruit, verbena, and musk notes…I couldn’t wait to start using it!  I love a good body butter, especially when it’s cold & dry outside, so I was hoping the product would be as fabulous as the rich scent.
After using it that first night, I’ve been hooked since.  I’ve been using this body butter everyday after the shower, it’s so moisturizing and with ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, and white tea extracts, I know my skin is staying hydrated and protected from the sudden drop in temperature. 
I usually stick to a certain brand of body butter, but I’m so in love with this scent I may have to switch over to Sonia for awhile!  She’s also releasing body butter in three other scents: Red Promisia, Purple Seductia, and Pink Innocencia.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be checking each of these out in the very near future!
In addition to body butters the Sonia Kashuk Bath & Body Collection includes fragrance mist, exfoliating body polish, body lotion, shower gel, and hand creme.  It definitely covers its bases on the bath & body spectrum, don’t you think!?
The Sonia Kashuk Bath & Body line debuts November 10th, exclusively at Target! 
Keep up to date with information about the collection on Twitter with #TargetBeauty !
[Disclosure: Maire Claire sent me this product.  All opinions are my own.]

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