iPhone Dump

So, since I’ve been doing 9304165 things recently, I thought it would be cute to update you all, in pictures, with what is going on in my life!  I’ll do an iPhone dump every couple of weeks! xo
Howard Homecoming & 2 Chainz.  Such a fun & crazy day.
Halloween Fun in my window & balcony.
 Halloween party…I was Hello Kitty, naturally. 

The best sisters a girl could ask for.


 I shopped a little too late for a real Halloween costume for my Leo, so all I could find to fit him was this conservative light-up bat sweater [25% off, hollaaaa].  We went out in Dupont Circle & everybody just LOVED his outfit. 
Wine-infused popcorn…has someone read my mind??? Popcorn is my favorite food, wine is my favorite drink [besides water]..HOW DID THEY KNOW?! 
& look at little Leo’s flawless self-control with that wonderful Cheesecake Factory bread!! He’s so amazing.
Grey crochet Uggs aren’t exactly the cutest…and aren’t meant for wearing out in public, but they’re perfect for a walk to the dog park.

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