Sponsored Post: Get On Board With Ziftit

So, we all know the crazy holiday season is coming up, right?  & although I do still love writing letters to Ms. Claus and Co. [who cares if I’m 23], I think I may have found an easier way this year to organize my list for the holiday season & beyond…& it’s called Ziftit!
Ziftit is a shopping & gifting website, it is also an app, which I love.  Basically you can add any item from around the web you feel you, naturally, absolutely need to your Zift List.  All of your friends and family can access the list & purchase you whatever is on it!  
Perfect, right?
So, how do you pick and choose fabulous items to put on your Ziftit list?  Well, simple…
Ziftit has a plug-in that makes it super easy to add anything on the web to your list.  They also have a personalized trending feed that will filter looks and items based on your style.    
Add in items on the go by simply scanning the bar code on the app, and the product will automatically be added into your Zift List.  Guess what?  It’ll also tell you where to find that item at all different price points!
Ziftit also has an events page that allows you to create event invites, send them out, and manage the RSVP list.  This way guests can access your gift list with a quick click, super easy!  Think of it has an everyday registry, because we all need one, am I right?
 An up-graded Ziftit account has great benefits too, you can split the cost of a gift with friends, which super great- it takes the hassle out of buying a gift for someone and then having to worry about the money aspect, which is always awkward & annoying.
Not only is Ziftit ideal for the holiday season & birthdays but it is great for college students too- this way everything you need for your dorm or new apartment will be accessible by all of the wonderful people in your life who want to help you out a little bit!  There’s no guesswork involved, it keeps you organized and with things you know you really need.
So, are you ready to try out Ziftit??  
It’s perfect timing because they are currently running an amazing contest for all users!  Put together an awesome & unique list on Ziftit and work on getting people to follow your products [think Pinterest style follow].  The more followers you have & who re-add your chosen products onto their own Zift Lists will higher your influence rating.
The contest ends December 15th and the individual with the highest Zift influence rating will win $10,000!!!! 
DON’T WE ALL NEED $10,000?!! 
I know I do. 

[Note: This is a sponsored post, with compensation from Ziftit.  All opinions are my own.]

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