Thursday’s Fab Five

Now that all of the fashion weeks are over, we’re back to Thursday’s Fab Five!  I have so much I want to share with you all, so let’s get started!!

This is the perfect candle to welcome fall and all of the apples I’m sure everyone is eating…like I am!  I’ve never bought an apple scented candle before, I typically shy away from fruity flavors, but I love the way this scent is less fruity and more oak-y and fall like.
I’ve been using this for a few months & just ran out, so I figured I’d share it on this week’s fab list!  This sanitizer isn’t drying at all and the great mango smell hides the alcohol scent most sanitizers have.

NARS Storm Bird
I love this color, I did a post on it last year, and I’ll be wearing it a number of times this fall/ winter season as well!  It’s so unique, and trust me, everyone will be wanting to borrow it.

C. Booth Honey & Almond Body Butter
I got this in my Allure Beauty Box a long time ago & I’m finally using it now & I’m almost done with it!  First of all, the smell is amazing.  It’s a thick body butter that is excellent for skin after a nice long bath.

Victoria Secret Faux Leather Stripe Legging
It’s no secret I’m obsessed with VS PINK leggings, so when I saw these leather stripe leggings I had to make a quick purchase.  They add a bit of pizazz to what’s normally boring [not that I care if they’re boring] black leggings.

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