Recipe Wednesday: Veggie Queso Dip

Recipe Wednesday is finally back in full swing- yay!
I love queso, if you’re my friend and frequently dine with me, you know this.  Melted cheese is my thang, and my love for queso will never die. 
SO, rather than continually ordering queso take-out from restaurants, why not make my own, right?? 
Here’s my recipe for a fabulous veggie queso dip, perfect for tortilla chips, carrots, & celery sticks! 
+ Bag of Mexican cheese blend
[I use the shredded cheese from Trader Joes] 
+ Block of cheddar 
[I always like my queso on the sharp side, so I add in some extra sharp cheddar] 
+ Tomato 
+ Green & red pepper 
+ Yellow onion
+ Minced garlic 
+ Skim milk 
[I used about a cup]  

+ Flour 
[ I used about 2-3 spoonfuls]  
+ Olive oil
+ Goya’s Adobo seasoning

+ Black pepper 

+ After dicing up the peppers and onions [I used a lot of both] cook them with a bit of olive oil and add in minced garlic.  I cooked mine for about 7 minutes, until everything became fragrant.
+ I then added in the flour and continually stirred for about a minute until everything was covered.  
+ Next, I added in the milk slowly and stirred.  And then, the best part, I slowly added in the cheese and stirred until it all melted.  
This is my little chef friend, I added in some extra cheddar, so I needed his grating services.
+ Add in the tomatoes, black pepper, and taste.  If you like how it tastes, awesome- if you need a little something else, reach for the Adobo, my favorite seasoning of all time.
+ I just slowly added more seasoning and pepper until I liked the taste.  If you think the queso is a little too thick, just add more milk.
And, wallah, beautiful & yummy queso that you can keep around for a few days! 

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