Thursday’s Fab Five

I just love this scent so much, it’s so relaxing and moisturizing.  The scent is peach, guava, berries, and bergamot and it contains shea, aloe vera, & vitamin E to keep skin soft.  It’s a very feminine scent and I’ve found it lasts on the skin longer than most other B&BW shower gels, which is why I love it so much!
Benefit’s Benetint
I’m currently using a sample of this product, and I was really hesitant to start using it because it’s liquid.  While I can’t say I love it, I do like it.  I really love Benefit products, but I just don’t like the application of this, I’m not a big fan of cheek stains.  Howeverrrrr, I really do like the color on me, and I think it could work across skin tones quite well.

Sephora by OPI ‘Why Yellow There’ 
This is my nail polish of the week, it’s a literal mellow yellow & it’s super cute!  I can’t find it on the Sephora website anymore, but it’s on Amazon.  I think this is a cute color to wind down summer with, not too bright, but still bright enough for the season.

 Kitchen Garden Cookbook
I have so many cool books, so I figured I’d regularly start sharing them, and even doing longer single posts on my favorites.  I bought this cookbook from Anthropologie not too long ago and I’ve made a few great recipes.  I love this cookbook because not only does it give you amazing recipes for natural cooking, but each section is also dedicated to teaching the reader how to grow various veggies & herbs, which I really want to do, so I’ve found this particularly helpful!  More to come in the future!

I always love having flowers in my apartment, and I love sunflowers….so I figured they deserved a spot in my Fab Five this week! 

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