Link Love Tuesday

Here are the reads from the past week I think are worth sharing! xo 
Charcoal Decoded [Birchbox]
I’ve been down with the charcoal craze for a few years now, Lush Coalface is still one of my favorite products.  Check out some of the reasons why coal is excellent for your skin!

6 Natural Beauty Products I’m Adding to My Routine [Birchbox]
I’m really trying to eliminate all unnecessary ingredients in products from my life.  I want to make the move to being 100% natural everything I do, here are some products I may definitely add to my routine!

Best Bags from New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 [Fashionologie]
Beautiful structures, great colors, prints, & textures.  Can someone please buy me some?

Matte, Satin, Velvet, or Glossy- Grab a Coral Lipstick [Byrdie]
I love a coral lip, but not necessarily on me.  Howeverrrr, after looking at some of these options…who knows!

Nine Beauty Product Junkies to Follow on Instagram [LuckyMag]
Trust me, this is a great list!

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Meditation [Refinery29]
Meditation is a part of my daily routine, but it wasn’t always like that.  It took me a while to really work it into my everyday & make it a priority.  If you’re just getting started this is a pretty decent guide on getting started!

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