Thursday’s Fab Five

My favorite things for the week of August 18! 

Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Body Lotion
I love the entire Paris line, but this lotion is one of my faves.  The smell is so luxurious after the shower, I love it!

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo
I love trying all different types of dry shampoo, so when I was offered to take one of these bottles home last time I was at Drybar, I happily obliged.  You’ll lose those oily roots & def extend your blowout another day.  I love it because it adds volume to my sometimes flat roots.

Celestial Coaster Set
I love these coasters.  My fabulous mother bought me a set of four [Antho is one of our joint favorite stores].  The ones I have are all different colors [coral, purple, teal, & a darker blue], and I love that each one is different looking.  They’re a great addition to my coffee table & I feel like I need more.

Yankee Candle’s ‘Island Spa’
Since sweet summer is coming to an end, I figured I’d end my summer candle on a luxurious vacation note.  I love this scent, I used to have it in my car tooIt’s fruity but in a sophisticated way…does that even make sense?

Starbucks Valencia Orange Refresher
AH THIS IS SO GOOD. Seriously, it’s so yummy and orange-y and refresh-y.  Go try it, you won’t be disappointed!

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