Recipe Wednesday: Cucumber Bites [A Quick Snack]

This Recipe Wednesday features a snack dish that is both healthy & super quick to whip up for guests…or yourself.
+ Cucumbers
[sliced about an 1in or 1.5in]
+ One block of fat-free cream cheese
+ Lemon juice
+ Pepper & Sea Salt
+ Minced garlic
+ Thyme
+ Rosemary 
+ Parsley 
+ Basil
+ Oregano 
+ Paprika
[put to the side until done making the cucumber bites]
What To Do…
+ Place sliced cucumbers on a tray and set aside
+ Allow cream cheese to come to room temperature – or at least be able to tell that it’s soft enough to use a hand mixer 
+ Add in some lemon juice, and garlic – mix it in well
+ Then add in all of your herbs and the salt & pepper – start off small and increasingly add more of whatever you need.
+ I put about a spoonful amount of the cream cheese onto each slice of cucumber – you’ll notice the cream cheese sliding around on the cucumber – after putting the completed sliced in the fridge for a few hours the cream cheese will stick more to the cucumber 
+ Sprinkle paprika over the completed cucumbers bites & you’re done!

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