Discover the Fashion Community of Stylight

I was recently approached by a member of the Stylight team to check out their international online fashion community.  I created an account, snooped around the site, interacted with the community a bit, and ended up loving the experience and everything Stylight has to offer!!

While Stylight doesn’t have a U.S. based site yet, the website is still available to anybody, anywhere.  When you create a Stylight account your homepage will have various “Trending” topics such as Trending Looks, Trending Members, and Trending Products.  At the bottom your homepage will have all product categories Stylight offers.
One of my favorite things to do has been to look around the various products, my favorite being bags, of course, and seeing what ‘looks’ the product is featured in on other member’s boards, and also where to shop for it.  The one downside is that product prices aren’t in American dollars, but oh well for now.  
I can ‘heart’ the product I’m viewing and keep an entire catalog of products I’ve hearted– super convenient for if I want to go back and blog about certain products or add them to a look I want to create.    
The best part of Stylight, which I haven’t totally explored all of yet, is creating your own look.  You can upload photos, music, videos, quotes, and products to create your personal look.  Think of it as creating your own mini editorial for the Stylight community.  Products at all different price points can be found throughout Stylight as well, which makes it easier to relate to and useful for a larger group of women and men.
You can also ‘heart’ other members looks and check out their entire catalog of looks by following them.  Stylight is definitely an interactive community and an amazing and unique way to connect with other fashionistas around the globe
Another major bonus: a lot of the members have their own personal blogs, so it’s also a great way to discover some new reading and possibly even interact with fellow fashion lovers on a more personal level!
Sign up for Stylight here!
PS: There’s also a Stylight app for iPhone!

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