Recipe Wednesday: Summer Squash Soup

Bored on a Sunday afternoon I realized I had way too much squash in my fridge and I needed to think of something to make to use most of it up.  I thought I could do a chilled soup and make enough to have it throughout the week.

Well, it didn’t even make it to dinner tonight as I write this [Monday]…it’s already all gone.

+ Variety of summer squash
[I used 3 zucchini, 2 yellow summer squash, and 2 patty pan squash]
+ Celery
[As much as you want]
+ Red potatoes
[I used 3 small ones] 
[I used 4 small yellow onions]

[finely chopped for topping soup]

+ 7 cups of stock 
[I used chicken, but you can also use veggie] 
+ Heavy Cream
[I used no more than 1/2 cup…if that]
+ Olive oil 
+ Salt & pepper
+ Crushed red pepper flakes
[Minced is best, but garlic powder is fine too] 
+ Flour
[Optional, only if you find you need to thicken it a bit at the end]
+ Chop up onions, celery, and all of the squash
+Begin to cook the onion and celery in olive oil until the celery is tender
+ Add in the squash and potatoes…use some more olive oil if need be…you can also start seasoning with some salt and pepper
+ Add in the chicken stock, let simmer for 30-35minutes

+ Transfer the veggies/stock to a blender [you may need to do this in batches, don’t overload the blender] and puree.  I pureed enough, but I didn’t overdo it, I wanted to create a little chunky texture
+ Add the pureed mixture back into the original pan and add in the heavy cream.  This is totally optional, the consistency when I made it was good enough that if I didn’t want to add any heavy cream it would’ve been just fine, which is why I only added a little
+ Add in the garlic and crushed red pepper to taste.  If you feel the soup needs to be a bit thicker whisk in some flour, but make sure you do it little by little!

+ Garnish with some fresh ground pepper and the scallions

+ Hurry up and chill it because it is honestly the best soup I’ve ever made!

Let me know what you think! xo

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