Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

I’ve been doing an apple cider vinegar hair cleanse once a week for almost a year now.  It gets rid of build up from products, creates shine, and balances your hair cuticles pH. 
Lately though I’ve been reading more and more fabulous ways to put ACV to use.  First starting with the skin…
For about a week I’ve been using ACV [diluted with some water since it is a vinegar & super strong] as an astringent for any breakout and to treat the psoriasis I have along my hairline.  It’s so annoying and I’m tired of going to derms wanting to give me pills or cream that doesn’t even work well and gets into my hair.  SO, I started using ACV to treat it, and POOF it was gone within a week.
PS: for any blemish, don’t dilute the ACV…you want the maximum benefit.  Just apply with a cotton ball, and hold onto blemish for a couple of minutes!
Anyway, in my research I’ve been learning about all the ways in which to use ACV, and I’m loving it all.  While the topical uses for ACV are all wonderful, you can also ingest ACV for some great benefits.   
-Teeth whitener — just pour some on your toothbrush.  Easy.
-Apply to sunburn to relive redness and pain/ itchiness 
-Swallow a tablespoon of ACV mixed with water, maybe some honey to make it taste better, and it’ll soothe issues like…. sinus blockage, stomach issues, heartburn, sore throat
-In fact, just ingest two tablespoons daily and keep your whole body’s alkaline and pH levels balanced…who wouldn’t want to do that?
-You can also use ACV as a home cleaning product, so no more buying expensive brand name stuff.  Browse around the web for some recipes!  The most basic recipe is equal parts AVC and water.
There are so many more ways to use ACV…check out this article from SkinnyMs
PS: Just in case you didn’t know, apple cider vinegar is pretty inexpensive for all the ways you can use it, and it can be found at almost any grocery store these days! 

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  1. Wow, You know I have heard about it used on hair especially from girls who have naturally curly hair like me and I have always thought about trying it out.
    I didn't know that it had so many other uses. Thanks for the info, I think I saw a bottle at my moms when I go back there I think I am going to try some out to see how it works for me.

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