Recipe Wednesday: Ground Turkey & Veggie Pasta

Sooo, this recipe doesn’t really have a good name…my apologies.
As I mentioned last week [see post here], I joined a CSA and now have so many veggies to cook with I just don’t know what to do with myself!  So between the CSA and regular trips to Trader Joe’s I’m just a healthy cooking machine.
Last week I just searched through my freezer/ fridge and came up with this little number..try it out, it was delish & super light, perfect for the summer!
PS: If you’re familiar with any of my recipe postings you know I never put measurements for anything, I don’t measure.  Ever.  Unless I’m baking.
+ Ground turkey
[I get all of my meat delivered from US Wellness, grass-fed everything…I promise you, the taste difference is unreal] 
+ Spaghetti 
+ Italian dressing 
[preferably homemade but if not just try to buy it organic, here’s a great recipe from Sunny Side Up
+ Asparagus
[Cut off ends & discard. Cut up asparagus into little pieces]
+ Spring [green] onions
[Chop em up]
+ Tomatoes
[I used 3 small ones from the organic pack Trader Joe’s sells]
+ Broccoli florets 
+ Radishes 
+Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, & white cooking wine 
+ Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, red pepper flakes, & garlic
[Any all purpose would do, but def check this one out!]
Okay here it goes…! 
+ Cook spaghetti as directed on the box…make sure you add in some sea salt for extra flavor.
+ Cook ground turkey in a large skillet until browned. Drain and put back on the burner.  Add in some olive oil, all purpose seasoning, & fresh ground pepper to taste. 
+ After slicing up all the veggies, add in broccoli florets first, wait for them to get a tad soft, & then add in asparagus & radishes.  Add in garlic [if you only have garlic powder, that’s fine too].  If you’re like anybody I know, we love garlic overload.  Bonus: it’s heart healthy. 

+ I love flavor so I kinda OD’ed on the balsamic vinegar and white cooking wine, just add it right into the skillet.  If you’re not sure how you feel about those flavors, do it little by little.  Let it simmer for a bit & add red pepper flakes to taste.
+Drain the pasta and mix in some of the Italian dressing.

+ About a minute or two before you plan on serving add in the tomatoes & spring onions.  You don’t want the tomatoes to get too soft…we aren’t making tomato sauce [yet!]. 
+ Place the turkey & veggies right over the pasta & serve!  yum.

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