Thursday’s Fab Five

1. Sephora by OPI ‘Ocean Love Potion’ 
Described as an opaque Mediterranean turquoise this color is so awesome I can’t even deal.  It’s perfect for the summer and you’ll definitely get tons of comments.  Case in point, this morning the [almost] 2yr old girl I nanny took one look at my nails and screamed ‘OOOOHHHHHHHHH’. 
Bonus: All Sephora by OPI polish is on sale for $4.50, it’s usually $9.50, so stock up!
2. Hello Kitty Lip Balm 5-Pack
I got this for Christmas and I must say I just opened the pack.  I put one in every bag I use, in my bathroom, & next to my bed.  I’m Hello Kitty covered from all angles.  I’m just loving these this week because all of the flavors are good, and it’s an effective lip balm, which is obvz most important. [No longer available for purchase, wahh]
3. Express ‘Scarf Print Tube Dress’ in Coral
Express is having a pretty good end of season sale right now, so good that I bought like 10 things last week online and ended up only returning 3…success. This is def my fave dress of the bunch because you can dress it up or down, it’s super comfortable, and the color/ print is too cute and perfect for 
4. The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolman
My aunt bought me this book and I finally have a few free weeks where I can sit down and read it.  The Lemon Tree recounts the stories of an Arab man and a Jewish woman, from the time they were children, about the turmoil in the Middle East.  It’s taught me so much about an issue, and area, I knew very little about.  
It’s an amazing book, definitely heart-wrenching and moving beyond belief, and I would recommend it to anybody.  You can purchase it on Amazon, here!
5. Prabal Gurung for Target Rainbow Tote
When the Prabal Gurung line for Target debuted I was lucky enough to get everything I wanted [yes, I had to refresh about 437588 times, but that’s besides the point], including this tote bag.  Right now it’s my tote of the moment: perfect colors for the summer, super cute & unique, & can fit a lot but still isn’t too overpowering & big.  Anybody who was able to get this directly from Target, job well done, because it’s going for as much as $96 on Amazon/ eBay…the original price was $40!

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