Recipe Wednesday: Join a CSA

 I’m going to try my best to start a new series, Recipe Wednesday, where I feature what I’ve been cooking up recently in my tiny little kitchen.  You’d be surprised the things I can whip up in such a tiny space.

I want to start the series with thisI recently joined the local CSA [Community Supported Agriculture] of Northern Virginia.  Short and sweet, it’s basically every Thursday we get a box of fresh produce from Great Country Farms…they deliver to a group site super close, which makes it even more awesome and convenient than it already was.

In trying to eat more GMO-free it’s important to me that the produce comes from a farm that is preferably 100% GMO free, but since that’s almost near impossible these days [don’t get me started] I can at least deal with minimal GMO-ness.  

Week #1: Asparagus, radishes, basil, spring onions, spinach & strawberries!
For example, according to Great Country Farms…we grow our CSA garden without adding any synthetic, chemical fertilizers or herbicides, and we use extensive composting and worm cultivation for enriching our soils. We are constantly researching and implementing steps to use only sustainable growing practices to care for the land with which we have been blessed.”
Sounds good, right?
Anyway, the purpose of me writing this post is to encourage everyone to eat and cook with local and sustainable foods, and it‘s easiest to start with produce.  Every Recipe Wednesday post I do will have a ton of veggies in it [unless it’s dessert!], and I wanted to share with you all where I get them from!

Yummy cherries from Week #2!
There are so many benefits to joining a CSA group, not only are you making better choices for yourself but you’re helping local farmers…and if you’ve seen any documentaries or read any articles about the path the farming world is taking in this country…you should be scared & want to make these choices.  Sorry, I had to say it.
Also, since joining the CSA and having my fridge stocked with all these wonderful & colorful veggie/ fruit options, I‘ve been cooking more so than usual, and [while it’s only been 2 weeks] I’ve used up all Great Farms has given me.  It‘s also allowed me to be more creative in my cooking, as you will see, I’ve been finding a ton of healthy options for recipes.  You find out what will be in your box a few days before, so it’s just enough time for me to start recipe searching
If you’re interested in joining a CSA, or want to learn more about it, check out the LocalHarvest website for more information!

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