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Now while I’m not an undergrad anymore I still feel I hold a ton of knowledge on undergrad life.  My best area of expertise, setting up your dorm room.  For me this was always the most fun, it’s so important to make your dorm room an oasis, a comfortable home away from home.
Buying bedding and room accessories can really add up $$$$$, but Residence Hall Linens has some great bedding bundle options, as well as a ton of storage and decor ideas to add your personal touch without breaking the bank.  It’s seriously a one-stop shop for making your dorm room fun and all about you!
I’m loving the RHL Comfort Pack, it includes everything you need to start putting your room together from sheets, mattress pad, comforter, towels, a hamper, and more.  Best part is def the price, $199!  Here’s an example of one of the bedding options…
In terms of decor, Residence Hall Linens has some super cute wall decals…no mess at the end of the year when you need to take them down, that’s the best part! 

Right now RHL is running a pretty great promo…save an extra $20 on bedding value packs when you use code SAVE20RHL at checkout!   Head on over and pick up any dorm room essentials now to get ahead of the game!
[Note: This is a sponsored post, with compensation from RHL.  All opinions are my own]

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